Would we like to to see SWI-Prolog Twitter posts on this site?

@anniepoo runs the official SWI-Prolog Twitter account which often contains useful tweets. In checking it seems that Twitter can be embedded into a Discourse site, e.g.


I haven’t done any more research on this other than just finding the link above but to avoid spending time on something that is not desired, it is just easier to ask. Also as we are currently not self-hosted, this option may have to wait until we switch to the self-hosted site.

Would you like to see SWI-Prolog Twitter embedded in this site?

Note: There is no time limit on the poll and this will probably not be something that gets actively worked on for weeks to months, so take the time to think about it before answering if you are not sure.

  • Yes
  • No
  • As a user configurable option

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Personal note: If embedding SWI-Prolog twitter is desired then check with @anniepoo before implementing to get her input/feedback.

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At the moment twitter has false positive flagged the SWi_Prolog account and my personal account @AnnietheObscure as ‘automated activity’. I’m working with twitter to resolve. Please, please, don’t complicate that right now.

I do expect to see tthis situation resolved and after that it’d be cool, in my opinion.


As I noted it would be some time but I will check with you before any of this is done. :wink:

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