Windows Subsystem for Linux GUI

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I’ve been using WSLg with swipl for quite a while now! It certainly works, though it can be a little unhappy at times especially around window positioning and whatnot. Other than that, it works nicely!

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When i see how much Linux improved in stability and simplicity as well as how much the Windows 11 UI is copied from Linux … the question could also be : why not simply move to Linux ?

Moreover, for those needing the Microsoft Office products there is a full Office365 pack for less than EUR 6 per month that works really fine in any web browser … and so on any Linux distro.

I have a nasty little problem moving to Linux – the device driver of my usb wireless adapter gets disabled every time an OS upgrade is applied – requiring recompilation – which sometimes fails and then i scratch my head not knowing how to proceed …

I now learned of a little trick i will try out – to connect a wireless access point to the ethernet of my computer and thereby get rid of the need for my wirless adapted – once this works i can finally move to develop Prolog and, if needed external functions, on ubuntu linux …


Although, i am also using cloud based drives and encrpytion which is not directly supported in linux – hence my recourse is only to run windows in virtual box side by side and share the internal drive

Btw, from a licensing perspective, i understand that it is ok to run windows 10 on linux in VM, when the computer has a windows 10, including an OEM one which is tied to the computer.