Windows exe of my program

So I’m attempting to create a windows exe file so I can later run it with cmake, however I’m not sure how to do this, I looked at the documentation but it doesn’t really help. I’m compiling with this line in the command prompt :

swipl -o my_executable -g main --stand_alone=true -c

and here’s my code for store:

:- consult(types).
program(program(X)) --> k(X).

% Default block value
k(block(X)) --> [start], store(X), [end].

%Check if value is a string
store(t_assignmentS(X,Y)) --> [store], ['('], [X], [','], string(Y), [')'] ,[$], !.

% Check if it's a boolean
store(t_assignmentB(X, Y)) --> [store], ['('], [X], [','], boolean(Y), [')'] ,[$] ,!.

% Check if it's a int
store(t_assignmentI(X,Y)) --> [store], ['('], [X], [','], number(Y), [')'] ,[$].

main(K) --> program(K).

and types:

% Checking for a number, there is not real check though
number(X) --> [X], { number(X)}.

% Check if it's either true or false
boolean(true) --> [true].
boolean(false) --> [false].

string(X) -->  ['"'], [X],['"'].

I’m stuck on getting the exe and being able to run program from the command line.


maybe this topic may contain useful information for you: here and