What is `neib`. Found this variable name in ugraph

In reading the source code for libary(ugraph), top_sort/2 found the variable name neib and thought it might be German for edge but Google translate does not translate neib to edge

Anyone know where neib comes from?


count_edges([], _, Counts, Counts) :- !.
count_edges([_-Neibs|Graph], Vertices, Counts0, Counts2) :-
    incr_list(Neibs, Vertices, Counts0, Counts1),
    count_edges(Graph, Vertices, Counts1, Counts2).

incr_list([], _, Counts, Counts) :- !.
incr_list([V1|Neibs], [V2|Vertices], [M|Counts0], [N|Counts1]) :-
    V1 == V2,
    N is M+1,
    incr_list(Neibs, Vertices, Counts0, Counts1).
incr_list(Neibs, [_|Vertices], [N|Counts0], [N|Counts1]) :-
    incr_list(Neibs, Vertices, Counts0, Counts1).

My guess (silly, I know) is that is an abbrev for neighbours…