Unary - in rserve_client and swish

Dear Jan, dear list,

This works fine in SWISH:

<- r = 1,
R <- 0-r .

This raises an error (no R_expression)

<- r = 1,
R <- -r .

Something similar is seen in rserve_client. I think the unary operators + and - are not translated to R. I think it is easily fixed, so, a few weeks ago I made a little pull request for rserve_client. It’s the first PR in my life, so I might have made something wrong and/or it might have been overlooked.

Best wishes,


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Hi Matthias,

I’m afraid I missed this PR. Merged. Thanks!

Ah, ok, so I did it correctly. Thank you.

Follow-up question: Is a separate pull request needed for SWISH, or does it use the same rserve_client pack (just an older version)?

SWISH uses the packs as registered git submodules. I have (just) updated the module. Also updated the public SWISH instance.

To update a private instance, just git pull and git submodule update should do the trick.

I see, great, thanks.