Sorry .I am new in prolog one week

Sorry.I don’t know here point , must post for this.

From documentatiom prolog A.9.7 Example:
problem with command distinc of modulo clp(fd)


I want one example
Rows[Rs1|],all_distinct(Rs1), first row
Rows [
,Rs2],all_distinct(Rs2), second row

For all roing doing:

maplist(all_distinct, Rows),

For one row what doing distinc is OK

Thanks very match.


This was posted before the question was modified.

The SWISH Sudoku example uses all_distinct/1.

The code is also listed in the SWI-Prolog documentation:

A.9.7 Example: Sudoku

After question was modified.

I have not checked the results of this StackOverflow search but it is were I would look for more examples.

Search: [clpfd] all_distinct is:answer