Setting the locale for Eclipse PDT on OS X

Passing this on in case it helps somebody else. Recently I decided to use Eclipse PDT for a change of scenery and I had two failing tests, one caused by Eclipse/SWI not picking up the environment properly and defaulting to text instead of utf8. In the console, I asked to see the

4 ?- current_prolog_flag(encoding,X).
X = text.

The issue was a λ character which is what I allow in my source for the word lambda!
I fixed that issue by adding this line to my eclipse.ini by opening the folder contents and manually editing it to include:


and then restarted eclipse…

4 ?- current_prolog_flag(encoding,X).
X = utf8.

The other test failure was fixed by explicitly added a call to working_directory/2 to the project file, as I think the relative path I gave to open/3 was still rooted in the Eclipse launch folder.