Re: [SWI-Prolog] [PM] Pack Ann: Real + proSQLite — for SWI 8.2.0

Dear Eric,

Thank you for taking time to email, and for tidying up the topic on the forum.

Please note, that I did not contact Jan. I was in contact with him, but I did not initiate it.

Keep up the good work,

Nicos Angelopoulos

Thanks for the clarification.

I would not have minded if you did.

In case you may have not noticed, Jan and I were both thinking similarly about certain topics such as Announce and that they should not allow for replies, so in the future if you post a topic in the announce category users should not be able to directly reply to the topic. Instead the reply will be trapped by the system and added to the moderator queue for futher action.

Discourse does not have a built-in way to take the reply, pop-up a wizard to to request a new topic title and post it as a new topic. So the only way to stop replies is to configure it so all replies to such topics are trapped. It is possible to make plug-ins for Discourse and one could be made for such, but I think I have only had to deal with replies to topics such as Wiki that don’t allow replies twice.

As I noted I really do pay attention to what you are doing and want to learn more but now is not the time.