Proper rational numbers (prototype for testing)

Following discussion started by @ridgeworks and followed up on github, I’ve pushed a branch rational that realises atomic rational numbers. It compiles and passes the tests. There are still several issues:

  • Finish the discussion on the final syntax. Currently simply uses e.g. 1/3. This smells fishy, but seems cause very few or no problems in practice.
  • Sync with ECLiPSe if possible (notably syntax is hard as ECLiPSe uses 1_3, which conflicts with our integer digit grouping.
  • Testing and unit tests. Volunteers?
  • Test on real applications. Does anything break or get seriously slower?
  • Rational number arithmetic can become crazy big. Should we install a tripwire system to warn/error/go to float mechanism to detect such cases?

If you want to try and have an active checked out version of the git sources, simply do

git fetch
git checkout rational

Switch back to branch master in a similar way.