Prolog LSP now supports colours (Discussion)

Does it cause the screen to jitter, flash, give one headaches when it does the screen update or requires one to take a coffee break when using?

If no keep going.

I use to worry about such things a long time ago and found that it was usually just one thing done wrong that would shoot up the runtime. So obviously that would get fixed. Never seems to amaze me how much a processor will do between the time you press and then release a key. I think about some of the online games I play that update with 50 players in a massive battle with the player interaction calculations being done on a central server thousands of miles away and it just works.

I meant more “visually busy” – it highlights a lot of stuff now :stuck_out_tongue:

You should see my use of VSC with Prolog I sometimes have over 30 files open in 10 windows and the windows have micro views of the code on the right, search indicators, error - warning - spelling indicators, line counts, etc. I haven’t checked recently but am waiting for VSC to work across multiple monitors.

I also find that with dark mode it is much easier to look at a really busy screen.