Prolog Error: Unhandled exception: pce(object) `@prolog_warnings/emacs_hit_list' does not exist

I wrote some days ago about a problem with imported_procedures and I was thinking turning off autoloading of libraries. So I used the command :- set_prolog_flag(autoload, false). and now I receive this error:

Unhandled exception: pce(object) `@prolog_warnings/emacs_hit_list' does not exist

I don’t even know what this error is: I tried to search online emacs_hit_list for an answer but I didn’t find anything. What should I do? If there’s a way, please, write it explicit: it happend so many times that someone said something and i didn’t get what he said.

In case you’re wondering what I’m using: I’m using SWI-Prolog 8.2.1. The code that generates the error is this:

vertices(G, Vs) :-
   findall(V, vertex(G, V), Vs).

Thanks in advance!

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A couple of thoughts:

  • You are using an outdated SWI-Prolog version. I might be wrong about that but I have the feeling that things have changed especially when it comes to autoloading since 8.2
  • If you are doing this as a school/university project, one would expect that your instructor has made sure to provide guidance. This would include, for example, how exactly to install your Prolog and how to deal with technical issues like this.
  • If you want help, you should explain how exactly you get the error: operating system, how you installed SWI-Prolog, how you set up Prolog with emacs, and complete code that exhibits this error. Otherwise it is very difficult.
  • It might be useful to set up a “Howto” on how to help students with such problems. The audience of this Howto is probably the instructors that give such assignments.

My recommendation: ask your instructor. If they are not sure how to help, suggest that they ask on this forum on how to help students setting up everything, so that the students can concentrate on solving the task at hand. Unless of course the task at hand is to learn how to seek help online when you run into trouble.

PS: this very much sounds like an issue with how you set up your emacs to work with SWI-Prolog. There are some threads on this forum about SWI-Prolog + emacs, have you looked at those yet?