New official twitter account - @PrologSWI (Discussion)

Could you publish on a blog or so why the twitter acount
was blocked? I only saw some years ago you

had posts numbered like 234: , 235: , 236: , etc… I never
saw somebody else doing this on twitter.

But it could have had other reasons?

Edit 14.07.2020:
I am suggesting a blog, because if you post an explanation
on twitter, this might get lost as well.

It’s not clear - my guess is that the SWI_Prolog account was ‘collateral damage’ of my own account.
Trans people like me receive a lot of harassment online, including a pretty constant stream of false reports.
Recently a group of transphobes (amazingly, there are organized groups of transphobes - some folks have no life) had been reporting trans folk’s accounts as bots, and mine’s included (one of them bragged about the account being cancelled).

The initial complaint was ‘automated behavior’, which could simply be ‘badly written ML plus an active twitter account’. They wanted me to 2FA against a long dead US phone number, one I never intended to use for 2FA.
The big Prolog classes I do occasionally are morphing into a small business giving ‘cool’ classes online, and I recently did some adjustments on account of that. So it may have just been, absurdly, that we set the account up to buy ads on twitter. Yup, they may have blocked us for giving them money.

I couldn’t unlock them because I’ve immigrated twice in the last year and my phone number on twitter hadn’t caught up. Of course I’ve immigrated primarily because the current US President has made hating trans people part of his agenda.
And I filed appeals and did all of that, but no avail.

So, absurdly, I think root cause analysis of this is, bizarrely, bad ML based AI. Maybe they need more symbolic AI at Twitter?

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I think they try to distinguish. You can register an account as a bot - oddly, the old SWI_Prolog account WAS registered as a bot - I’ve forgotten why.