miniKanren and Prolog as 2 ways of logical programming


as you may know I’m investigating ways to use Prolog in multiuser games. Here things counting like deployment, (commercial) frameworks and their specific language ecosystems. My goal is AR in long term. Having said this, beside using Prolog as an app talking to other things or porting Prolog to such frameworks (here: Erlang or .Net) I also got opinions to use miniKanren, because it is available to nearly all common languages.

So fine, I’ve read the book “Reasoned Schemer” by William Byrd and also his thesis, but still I have no clear understanding about the “expressiveness” or “generality” with respect to logical programming. So the simple question is: if I use Prolog as prototype language, could the result transposed to miniKanren in the productive system?

Therefore I would like to ask this community if someone as done a comparison of this both ways of logical programming (Prolog / miniKanren) and could give my some thoughts to make my picture on this clearer? And it is not a question which one is better, just to understand their specific take on logic programming. :grinning:

Thx and cheers