macOS autoloading issues cause random crashes

I’m using SWI Prolog 8.2.4-1 on macOS 10.5 Catalina (the official DMG from the SWI Prolog download page). Whenever we run the CI tests for TerminusDB a couple of times, we eventually run into macOS autoloading crashes. This only occurs on macOS and not on any other system. It also occurs on the SWI Prolog standard library, not only on our own codebase.

For instance, this is one of the import errors that occur when running our pl_unit tests:

Unknown problem importing apply:include/3 into module http_ssl_plugin

I’m trying to reproduce the problem and will provide more details later. It is hard to reproduce as this problem only occurs X amount of times at random moments.

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Found another example: Fix pull error handling · terminusdb/terminusdb@822b7f9 · GitHub