Is there a library to parse toml files into a dict?

Or is there a more prolog way that to accomplish this? I’m still figuring out this prolog thing trying to not have fall back on python for the task :slight_smile:

After a few days of keeping a eye out for something like this I did not find anything.

However as noted TOML files are similar to INI files and I would not be surprised if some where some one has parsed INI files with Prolog. However the parsing is probably done within a module for a particular reason and the predicates are not exported.


TOML is not the best format out there for anything :slight_smile: but if I were you, I’d probably use an already existing converter (outside of Prolog) to either JSON or YAML, then parse that using the SWI-Prolog libraries. If you need to do it on the fly, you can always use library(process) to call the external converter as a last resort.