Is it possibly to open the help in a separate X11 window plus how do I start the Navigator?

I’m exploring additional components of the SWI system a bit more.

I am on macOS, use the downloaded .app image, have the .../Contents/MacOS/ directory added to my PATH, installed X11 and am now able to run the graphical debugger! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: So far so good.

Additionally I thought I can open the help info in a separate X11 window; however e.g. help(use_module). show the information to use_module in the terminal. Is there a way to show the help in a “help viewer” or similar?

Finally I found on the SWI prolog website the page about the Navigator. - How do I invoke it on my system?

I don’t use Mac so can not help with the Mac specific questions, hopefully others will respond.

On Windows I start swipl


In the menu under File is Navigator


If you have the plain terminal version:

 ?- prolog_ide(open_navigator).

See prolog_ide/1 for more tools that can be started this way. I have some short predicates for the ones I often use in my personal startup file, mostly tmon for opening the thread monitor.

No. That was answered here recently. edit if you use the built-in editor there is a Documentation menu on calls that shows the docs in an editor window. No hyperlinks or colors though :frowning:


@EricGT I have the menu entry on macOS as well. Thanks.

Ah! That’s eaxtly what I am after! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Usually I have swipl running in a terminal, so much easier to get to the navigator from there.

A that’s what I has seen once before then! Mystery solved.

This is weird, I was able to open help texts in editor. I don’t know what I had written to command line :slight_smile: I am not able to repeat that. I am using the default editor.
I wrote maybe help/1 or apropos/1 or something :slight_smile:

… The tab had *documentation* header, now I remembered