How useful is R and SWI-Prolog

Sorry to go a bit off topic but just interested in how useful R is? I know of R and where it is used, but have never really had a persistent need to install it. Since R with SWI-Prolog seems to be a valuable synergy and I am currently investigating how to build SWI-Prolog in various configuration and means, maybe understanding how to add R as part of some configurations would be a wise choice?

You answered your own question (“valuable synergy”) :slight_smile:

My use case: I let swipl put together mathematical expressions (with statistical stuff in them) that I delegate to R for evaluation.

The R people have now “forked” msys2, they call it Rtools. It basically the MinGW compiler. I mean, it would be lovely if it were possible to compile swipl under msys2. But I am fully aware that it’s a lot of work with no measurable benefit for the majority of users, that it creates more work because it has to be maintained and many packages have to be modified, and finally, that I cannot contribute anything to this (I tried, in the past, but basically Jan had to do all the work). Moreover, the solution with WSL2 is quite robust.

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