How to contribute examples to the SWI-Prolog documentation

See: SWI-Prolog examples

length/2 has a few contributed examples.

This is information available in the readme of the link you shared, but still: any predicate that you use in the example you submit will end up including that example. This is one reason why length/2 but even more so maplist/2 has accumulated so many examples. The idea was that we should first get enough content before thinking of a more sophisticated approach.

I admit that I got swamped in work and haven’t had the motivation to contribute more examples. :frowning:

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Happy to see your views.

I added this topic because yesterday I could not locate the topic that introduced the concept or find it at GitHub. So I put the link here (think breadcrumb) to help me and others find it again in the future. If you like I can convert this to a Wiki topic with a separate discussion topic and then you can edit the Wiki as needed. You clearly have more in depth knowledge and experience than me on the topic of adding SWI-Prolog examples in this manner.