Feedback please on proposed update to Tutorials/Beginner/Debugger

I have written a proposed update to the Beginner Debugger Tutorial since I struggled with several aspects of the command line debugger as I got up to speed and wanted to try to spare others the frustration.

My hope would be to replace the existing one in the docs and the site with this one and I’m looking for feedback on it: I’ll update it to be based on Latex, etc eventually, but started with markdown because it was easier.

Next stop will be to put together an update to the graphical debugger documentation, but I wanted to start here since understanding the command line tracing infrastructure is very helpful for understanding the graphical one.

Any and all comments and feedback appreciated!


One way to get valuable feedback is to have a new user who needs to use the trace to solve their problem, have them use your blog entry while they learn to use trace and then give you feedback. The key part is that you need a new user who is motivated to use trace and who will objectively read your blog and give constructive feedback. The user should also be a seasoned programmer who is not learning their first programming language; I say this because I don’t see your blog as having the details needed for a first time programmer.

A way to do this is to watch here or the StackOverflow Prolog tag for someone. This could take months to find just such a person. Then let them know up front your intent and ask them.

I did something similar when I was wanting feedback with the Prolog Visualizer


Note that the manual is built from a mixture of LaTeX, markdown and PlDoc from the Prolog source files. Everything is converted to LaTeX and next to HTML. Quite likely a rewrite can be avoided :slight_smile:

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I was definitely not focused on a first time programmer. I was assuming that the overwhelming majority of people coming to prolog have been exposed to a classic “imperative” language first.

Agree it would be great to get an experienced programmer new to Prolog who wants to learn tracing to give feedback. There has to be people like that coming to this Discourse all the time (I was one!). Can we pin a request to the top of the discourse?

If you create a topic for the request in with the Category Help I can pin it there. That way people will see it the first time they look at the Help category and it should scroll down the list as newer topics are created.

Here you go: Learning how to use the Prolog Command Line Debugger? Try this new overview!

I also put a comment in the comments section of the current debugger topic.

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