Discourse Table of Contents Theme

The site can use DiscoTOC - automatic table of contents (theme).

A working example on this site can be seen with the Useful Prolog references. Look for the table of contents on the right of the page, e.g.

To see this feature work you may have to change your theme.

  1. In the upper right click on you user icon.
  2. Click on your user name
  3. Click on preferences
  4. In left selection, click on Interface
  5. Under Theme select either Dark, Light or Neutral. This theme is not available with Default.

Adding this feature to a post is currently restricted to Trust Level 3 and above. Everyone will see the table of contents if they have a theme selected for which it is active.

This only creates a table of contents for the first post in a topic, think Wiki topics.

The table of content entries are identified using Markdown headings, e.g. # ## ###

The post is modified to include a table of contents by clicking the gear in the post edit menu and then selecting Insert table of contents which will add an HTML div to the text. Put the edit insertion point at the top of the page on a blank line before clicking Insert table of contents.

The Knowledge Explorer Plugin amplifies the indexing across categories but sadly we can not install this with our current Discourse agreement.

A working example: https://meta.discourse.org/knowledge-explorer