CytoscapeJS in SWISH (Discussion)

SWISH is what people make of it. I’m not saying it should support everything, but it already can be configured in several ways, supporting quite different user groups. Notably if it runs with obligatory authentication and disabled sandboxing it can do a lot. As public service we have to deal with security which makes some cool stuff hard or impossible.

This looks really cool! Working on some other stuff, but I surely check this out.

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Similar to Carlo, I’d like to announce the publication of a SWISH plugin to render SVG shapes using SVG.js. It is principally meant to allow for some (basic) interaction with the SVG. I included support for pan-zoom and tooltips as an example. It is a is a bit more heavy on the JS side, and I am not entirely sure this is the way to go to integrate JS in swish (i.e. I am happy for suggestions on how this can be improved)

Find it here, along with install instructions: