At night I dream about a Sys Prolog

@grossdan Started dreaming, if it were not for the GPU part, it were ontopic for the Elevator Example:

Thank you for your insightful comments.

In my case I have been using Prolog for a system that traditionally would be considered a system or even embedded system.

Languages that are typically used for system development are C, C++, Rust and Assembly – because they provide the kind of barebone access such as how to pack data in memory so data access patterns are most optimized, they typically avoid garbage collection, etc.

At night I dream about a Sys Prolog – a Prolog optimized for system development that combines to good of both worlds …

re: GPU

@Jan can you see how the Prolog execution engine could benefit from running (in part) in a GPU – from the (little) i know a GPU is in essence a matrix computing machine – which seems to specific a feature to be useful in the processing of virtual machine instructions.

Has there been serious efforts to create a hardware based Prolog processor / accelerator …



As in any language, the solution is libraries fitting to dedicated needs and supporting the related hardware used as accelerators. For Prolog = more libraries and use cases = a bigger community with more FOSS … in spite of often keeping their Prolog use as internal secrete cooking recipes …