Anybody done a dark theme for swipl-win and the edit window?

I looked around and saw that there was a file that could be modified knowing that it is named dark but in fact it is what is now named a “black theme” to make the difference in between dark and black background.

Bug ? It is autoloaded under my Linux Manjaro KDE Plasma as i use dark by default on my system but the editor keeps being on a white background, when i open a pl file from swipl-win.

So i was wondering if some members of the community had been facing the same problem or had done their own custom dark theme ?

??. Starting swipl-win on Linux and doing

?- [library(theme/dark)].

Turns the console dark and subsequent editors dark. So, what exactly are you doing? Don’t expect the auto theme to work. It only works from swipl when running from a terminal in dark mode that supports ANSI color inspection.

The configuration where i installed swipl is a Manjaro KDE Plasma (Arch Linux) and i am looking at finding an easy way to have my background / main text color in the pce editor and the graphical debugger fitting to my Linux color theme.

As far as i understood all is to be done manually if i want it to fit to my theme.

In swipl-win I get the menus and so on correctly displayed in my theme as i suppose that it is linked to the system but text is displayed in a flashy way with lines of chars on white background. If i use it changes background to black. So at minimum my question is where can i change those chars background ?

In the pce editor or graphical debugger, it is a light theme that is used (may it be dark or not) i-e no consistency vs swipl-win and i am wondering where the background color can be changed as the editor configuration files seem to be just about fonts and their size and not having such info.

EDIT: As i prefer using VI + swipl in the terminal, my personal main concern is more about the pce editor and graphical debugger colors configuration.